Wave Eclipse Eclipse Special Edition + DREAM bílstóll og base

kr.295.800 kr.236.640

* Stell
* Vagnstykki ásamt innleggi
* Kerrustykki
* Taska
* 2x flugnanet
* 2x regnplast

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Brands:: Silver Cross
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Part of our Special Edition capsule collection, Wave Eclipse is a beautiful single to double travel system.

Exclusive sculpted fabrics are combined with a striking gloss black chassis, subtle rose gold highlights and black leatherette details.

Wave 2020 is ready to go as a double pram for a newborn and toddler using the carrycot and seat unit included.

By adding a tandem seat, car seat or second carrycot, it offers 30 configurations for one baby, siblings or twins – and can carry three little ones with the ride on board. The new, lighter design, multi-terrain wheels and independent suspension provide exceptional handling and performance.

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